What is it?

It is an exfoliation treatment aimed to remove the dead skin build up on your face resulting in a more radiant and renewed appearance. It is one of the quick fixes used commonly in the dermatologist office.

Who are the ideal candidates?

It well suited for all, including pregnant and lactating mothers. Patients with sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, acne with scars benefit the most from this treatment.  The added advantage is that it can be used on other body parts (hands, neck, chest & back area) to reverse the signs of aging such as wrinkling and pigmentation.

How is it done?

It is a painless procedure which makes use of a diamond tip & or a microcrystal prob both of which are run across the skin surface in specific dimensions to remove the unwanted dead skin layer which makes the skin look dull and lifeless. The diamond tip/microcrystal is propelled across the skin surface gently followed by the application of customized serums specific to your skin concern to enhance the results.

Is it necessary to repeat the procedure?

Yes,as dead skin cells continue to accumulate in a cycle. Although subtle results are noticed even after the first treatment, additional treatments are required to achieve the desire effects.

Can I return to work immediately?

Absolutely, you can even wear your make up and step out immediately.


Scar treatment in Coimbatore


Scar treatment in Coimbatore

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