What are warts?

‘Wart’ is a general term for skin growths that occur due to infection from the human papillomavirus. a wart is formed when in contact with the virus, which then infects skin cells and replicates itself, resulting in an abnormal but benign, growth.

Warts can vary in appearance, shape, size, and colour. They can occur on all sites including ano-genital area.

Why are some people more vulnerable to warts?

Some people are remarkably impervious to viruses and bacteria despite being surrounded by sick people while others tend to get infected no matter how protected they are. This is due to the individual immune systems and how well they learn to cope with certain types of disease.

Can I get away not treating my warts?

Not all warts need to be treated especially in children , however they are highly contagious and

  • Plantar warts need  treatment because it can cause pain which may become severe.
  • periungual warts/ around or under your nails need to be treated because of the potential damage they can cause to your nails.also In some cases, the wart can work its way into the nail plate, which will cause a much more serious fungal infection.
  • genital warts are sexually transmitted disease and should definitely be treated if you are engaging in regular sexual activity with one or multiple partners. Even if you are using condom, there is no guarantee against a potential infection.

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