Botox is a well-studied treatment!

Botox cosmetic is one of the most extensively studied medical aesthetic treatments and is approved for cosmetic use in more than 78 countries.  Botox cosmetic contains tiny amounts of a highly purified protein refined from the bacterium, clostridium botulinum.

Common Queries

What is it?

Botox is an FDA approved purified protein, when used cosmetically, will reduce the activity of the targeted muscles that  gives your face a continuous frown look making it less appealing socially. Botox helps reverse it giving you a happier and a more relaxed face.

Why do you need Botox?

Botox, acts at the site of injection to relax the muscle, hence relaxing the overlying skin and smoothing out the wrinkles.

How is the Procedure done?

A numbing agent is applied to the site of concern for 30 minutes after which Botox is injected with very fine needles.

First:  A  bespoke session between the doctor and the  patient will be held where counselling will be given regarding

  • The details of the procedure
  • The expected outcome
  • The duration for which the botox effects will last
  • The risk involved if any
  • Alternate methods for treating the same concern
  • Cost of the procedure
  • Pre and post treatment plan


Next: A numbing cream will be applied to your area of concern for a good 30 minutes before the injections begin.

Final: Administration of Botox in the required dosage so that you have a subtle yet natural result and the injections can be topped up even after 2 weeks to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.


  • Crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Frown Lines between your eyebrows
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Gummy Smile
  • Excess Palmar or axillary sweating

At what age do I require Botox?

  • There is no specific age but on the appearance of wrinkles or continuous frown, the injection can be given.
  • However the sooner you start, the fewer wrinkles you will have as you age.
  • The more regularly you have these injections, the less frequently you will need them in the long run.

When will the results be noticed?

  1. Results typically appear within days and should be fully noticeable after two weeks.
  2. Any “touch ups” will be performed after this time period.

Is it permanent?

No, over a period of time(4-6 months for first time users & 6-8 months for repeated users) the nerves supplying the muscles grow back and the effect of these injections wear off – hence the need for repeated injections. However it also gives you the chance to decide if you need a higher dose in your next session.

Will my face still have expression?

The treatment is to enhance the way you look, not change. So Yes, Botox only relaxes the muscle beneath the point of the injection, so the other areas of your face will continue to be functional and show expressions.

Are there any medical contraindications that I should be aware of when considering Botox?

  1. Clients with known conditions like myasthenia gravis or connective tissue disorders effecting the nerves and muscles should not consider treatment.
  2. Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid getting injected.

The Signature18 Promise

  • Only a certified injector will give you the muscle relaxing injections
  • Your treatments with us will be kept confidential
  • Natural looking  results are aimed at. 
  • First time clients need not be worried about the frozen look


Your confidence is our priority!



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