The biggest issue we face with our body is “difficult to reduce fat pockets” like the belly pouch or the love handles.

It can become hard to lose weight with age as your body will slowly start to lose muscle and gain fat right from the age of 30(muscle burns calories and keep the body lean). It may be difficult to see this on a regular basis; however it is for the same reason that women in their 45+ are faced with a difficult to tackle weight issue.

In addition to lower metabolic rates and menopause, stress, sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are other factors contributing to the extra kilos. Although weight gain and body fat may seem discouraging.

Why visit a dermatologist?

A dermatologist will help you change this course by

  • Helping you with the right diet modification
  • Giving you exercise tips & training
  • Suggesting you  weight loss procedures bespoke to your needs