What is Subcision?

One of the dreaded complications of acne is scarring. Acne can produce a variety of scars which is given below.

  • Rolling scar
  • Ice pick scar
  • Boxcar scar
  • Hypertrophic scar

How does it helps?

The principle of this procedure is to break the fibroid strands, which connect the scar to the underlying tissue. The depression is then lifted by t he releasing action of the procedure and the connective tissue built up during the course of normal wound healing. It is usually combined with other treatments like microneedling, tixel,tca cross as different type of acne scars will respond well to a different treatment modality.

The Procedure

  • A numbing injection with a small insulin needle is given first to the area of concern following which a needle with 18/20 guage is used to break down the fibrotic bands which is hardly felt by the patients.
  • Repeated sittings may be required for better cosmetic results. Repeat sessions are done after 3-weeks interval. A haematoma or blood clot may form post procedure which is treated with mild pressure and ice. The area treated may have a bluish discoloration for a few days.
  • Procedure is preferably done before a weekend or holiday for working patients.


Scar treatment in Coimbatore


Scar treatment in Coimbatore

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