Hair loss  or hair thinning may appear in different ways due to various causes such as hereditary, hormonal changes, stress and lifestyle habits. There are many medications both oral and topical which may help induce hair growth. Oral medications are usually in the form of vitamin supplements, oral contraceptives and or finasteride.

Everybody knows minoxidil but whats new?

Among the various topical therapies available, copper and other peptide serums are raved about everywhere as

  • They have the ability to convert the thin vellus hairs to thick terminal hairs.
  • Research has also verified that Increase in the copper, iron into the hair follicle will decrease the DHT enzyme which is one of major factors responsible for both male and female pattern hair loss.
  • Unlike minoxidil used for hair stimulation there is no significant hair fall on stopping the medicine nor is there any itching or dandruff produced.
  • Serums are easy to use and go very well with other therapies like PRP and laser hair growth.

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