What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is medically termed “pityriasis capitis”. The serve variety is called sebborheic dermatitis,an inflammatory skin condition with excess greasy scales on sebborheic rich areas like scalp face, chest and back.

Dandruff is a chronic condition of the scalp requiring treatment to ameliorate the symptoms of scaling and itching. Frequent shampooing is the key to controlling these symptoms and contributes to the cosmetic appearance of the hair.

There are various triggering factors like stress, weather, Malassezia fungi (a type of organism) or your genes. Other culprits for flakes are not shampooing enough, using the wrong products, sensitivity to shampoo or hair dye and psoriasis.

You’ve probably heard hundreds of “hair hacks” and DIY that claim to get rid of dandruff, but as with any other skin condition, it’s best to listen to the professional. Treatment is in the form of Topical solutions or shampoos containing anti fungal medications and or steroids. Based on your condition, association with itchiness and redness or boils, you will be prescribed a suitable solution or a shampoo.

The success of the treatment depends on the patient compliance in addition to the ability of the shampoo to control the dandruff.

Choosing the right product can go a long way in maintaining your luscious locks!

You can also enjoy our add on therapies like scalp peeling, scalp masks, hair masks and serums to get rid of the flakiness and to take care of the dry and damaged hair.

Dandruff treatment in Coimbatore
Dandruff treatment in Coimbatore

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