What is it?

It is a very efficient non surgical treatment to stimulate the hair follicles and induce hair growth in patients experiencing baldness. Stem cell therapy for hair loss begins with the use of the patient’s own adipose stem cells. Adipose stem cells are stored naturally in the fat below the skin. Regardless of body type, most people have enough fat cells in the abdomen, thigh or buttock which are very potent.

Stem cells are used up when our body need to create new cells or repair and regenerate tissue like bone, blood, nerve, cartilage and more. With age, the focused work of these stem cells reduces and most of them remain dormant in areas like fat tissue.These stem cell are used in baldness treatment to help induce hair growth.

How is the procedure preformed?

The first step of the treatment is to harvest a sample of stem cells from the patient’s fatty layer. The entire procedure, from harvesting to injecting is done within a few hours. These concentrated and active stem cells are injected into the scalp and this will interact with the existing cells and trigger the follicles to produce chemicals which will then repair the damaged ones over time and eventually produce healthy strong hair. There is no allergic reactions post procedure. The treatment may need to be repeated based on the severity of baldness.


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