Ms. Shree Devi

(Visited for botox)

“Very happy with the treatment. My forehead lines are so much reduced now looks very natural and makes me young. Thank you Dr. Swetha for all your patience. Will definitely come back to you only  the cost also better compared to other centers I asked.”

17 June  2018

Mr. Kaarthick Balakrishnan

(Visited for botox)

“I decided to try a Botox treatment as I was developing wrinkles in my face. I was also cautious about doctors as BOTOX is still very nascent in India. I wanted it to be done by a professional and on Enquiry, a friend of mine recommended Signature18 clinic. I was also reassured when I learnt that Dr. Swetha has been trained in UK. Dr. Swetha was really patient to explain all my doubts. She was definitely very professional in her approach. I look younger and face just looks more fresh After the treatment. The ambience of the clinic also thoroughly refreshing. “

4 July 2018

Ms. Prema

(Visited For Dandruff Treatment Acne / Pimples Treatment)

“My friends was going for chemical peeling.she recommend Dr. Swetha. I came for dandruff and pimple problem. Within two weeks of treatment I can find a lot of difference also did skin polishing  cost is reasonable.”

Mr. Elibemo

(Visited For Skin Treatment)

“Dr. Swetha is ‘SIMPLY AMAZING’ .
I visited her for treating terrible allergies. She diagnosed as soon as she examined, and gave an insight of my skin problem and gave several advice. Medications were Superb and i followed what she instructed. It took just 4 days to Heal completely..


Mr. Jude

(Visited for skin whitening)

“Hello Dr. thank you for my sessions. My colour is so improved. your staff also supported me a lot. Thank u. I have referred my friend Mr.Dinesh also.”

Ms. Saranya

(Visited for skin whitening)

“I am so happy with my treatment. I came from Chennai for this and very happy. The cost is also less here. Thank you Dr. you are so friendly. I will come for more skin treatments here only.”

Ms. Pavithra Natarajan

(Visited for botox)

“I had gone for black spots on face, it is called freckles . Immediately even after 1 procedure I could find significant difference. Would definitely go for more treatment. Thanks a lot doctor for being patient and explaining everything. Most doctors hardly try to explain.

Dr. Anjali

(Visited for  peels, polishing)

“I am Anjali, Consultant Psychiatrist. When in adolescence my skin was very clear but recently I have developed a lot of acne -stress induced. The biggest problem was the scars associated as it made my skin look dull. I heard about chemical peel and skin polishing but did not trust it. When I met Dr. Swetha my perception of skin treatment changed. After treatment I now have better skin and complexion and I have got back my confidence . I just have one thing to say “thank you doctor”

Ms. Priya

“Thank you so much Dr. Swetha all my pimples gone. Skin polishing and peels really worked I am using sunscreen cream you gave also  only some black scars on my chin left”

Mr. Rajesh

“Doctor is informative. Took time and explained about my hair problem. Completed 2 PRP yet to see results but I have to wait 20minutes from my appointment time.”

Ms. Menaka

(Visited For Peel, Polishing, Lasers)

“Doctor took care on me. The treatment was good. The result is also good and I’m happy with the results”

Mr. Anonymous

(Visited for botox)

“Doctor convinced me to do botox. I have already completed 2 sessions with her. Results are amazing. I am very confident around doctor. She keeps introducing newer technologies for treatment. I def recommend her for antiageing treatments.”

Ms. Revathy

(Visited for prp)

“I am so happy with my prp results. Hair volume so much better. Thanks doctor for treating my thyroid also. My sister also wants to do the same. I wish you give more concession”

Mr. Praveenkumar

(Visited for prp)

“I am so happy with my prp results. Hair volume so much better. Thanks doctor for treating my thyroid also. My sister also wants to do the same. I wish you give more concession”

Ms. Myilathal

(Visited ForSkin Disease Treatment)

“We got proper treatment on time only here. Result was very good. Her way of approach to the patient was very good and kind.”

Ms. Divya

(Visited for prp)

“Dr.Swetha was consulting me in a friendly manner She took a deep care on my skin problem. Overall she is good and sweet.”

Ms. Saritha

(Visited for prp)

“Her consultation on skin allergy yield me immediate results.. Thanks Dr. Swetha for her medication..”

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